Frequently Asked Questions

What will this organization do differently than other groups and resources that are available today?
The creation of the Society is the first for those who collect Civil War era portrait photos. We think there is power in bringing together a national membership to focus on showcasing, interpreting and preserving these images. The Society will be able to do two things that no individual or organization has done. We will be able to organize regional events and exhibits around the country that include shows, speakers and tours. Some of these events will piggyback on existing shows. Others will be original to the Society.

What is the incentive for longtime collectors to join?
We often hear veteran collectors express their very legitimate concerns about the future of this hobby. No young people at shows. No history taught in schools. Nobody is interested. Well, this is a chance to change that! By working together, we can leverage the collective community to reach potential and new collectors by going where the conversations are—social media especially. Here’s an example. At a recent Gettysburg event, we attracted a number of collectors who are relatively to collecting. We want to make sure we pass along our knowledge to them.

Does the Society replace Civil War Faces and Military Images magazine?
No. The founders of this Society, Doug York, Editor of Civil War Faces, and Ron Coddington, Editor and Publisher of Military Images magazine, will continue to maintain their brands independently of this organization.

Where does the money go?
We have nonprofit status and a bank account.

How will you account for the money?
The accounting will be transparent to the membership. We will issue an annual statement.